We changed our name and our focus

You might have known us as a web design company or a company that builds custom software. We've decided to narrow our focus into our core product: Better Proposals.

You can find out about that here.

Some answers:

Is it still the same team: Yes, it's still Sabrina and Adam (myself) running things with the help from our long serving developers and advisors.

Can I get in touch with you: Yes, just use the contact form on the Better Proposals website.

Will you still maintain my website / CRM: Of course. You've been good to us. We're not just going to ditch you. If you pay us for hosting / support or anything then we'll continue to honour that all the time we can do a good job.

Has anything else changed? We're a remote company and live in various parts of the world for months on end, so meetings aren't possible (although can be done via Skype) and phone calls are arranged. If you want to get in touch, email me on adam@betterproposals.co.uk or use the contact form on the Better Proposals website.